Saturday, March 24, 2007

Beautiful Saturday

AWWW, it is starting to feel like spring again after a pretty cloudy and cold week. I almost had to break out my dad's parka - ugh! That thing is so warm, but did I tell you it weighs like 10lbs?!? Anyway, today we decided to enjoy the sun and warmer temperatures and play with Reagan outside. We ventured over to the daycare and played ball with her there. Then, I decided it would be fun to go for a long walk in the forest. Since the snow has been gone for a while now and there hasn't been too much rain, I knew the grounds wouldn't be too wet. As we started to walk through the forest on the little trails (not the one they maintain for runners and cross country skiers, uhhum), Anders and I decided we would try and let Reagan run around off leash. We had brought THREE tennis balls to lure her back, if she decided to run away. And would you believe - it worked?!?!? Unbelievable, but then not really if you know my dog at all. She LURVES her some tennis ball - absolutely obsessed about them. She is a total nut and at her happiest when she gets to play. So we through the ball for her a little, just to wear her down a bit more, and proceeded to walk through the forest with her being able to run around. It was sooooo much fun and I am really happy we did it. We even were able to keep her off leash when another dog came up because - you guessed it - she had her tennis ball and could have cared less.If you look real close, in the center of the picture is Reagan standing behind the tree. I have to say, that all three of us had a little bounce in our step on the way home. It felt good for her and for us that she was able to run around and be off leash!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!


HeatherJ said...

It's so nice to be able to get out now with these few days of sun we are having. Of course, Leo is getting to be a little too Swedish. I take him out in the sun and he cries, "No sun! Don't like sun!" (mainly because it's in his eyes, but still..)

Hey, I bet the tennis ball trick would work on him too!

Dan said...

Hey Monica,
Glad to see Reagan behaved off leash! Good thinking with the tennis balls! I took Molly on a hike Saturday along the river and nearly lost her! I let get a drink and the next thing I knew, she was backing up into the river trying to pop her collar over her ears. It took some convincing on my part not to let her swim. You should have seen her, she ultimately laid down in the freezing cold water to show me how tough she was! If she would have gotten loose, we would have found her in Montana! The spring melt is starting up in the mountains and the river is moving pretty fast!