Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Anders and I saw this in the grocery store over the weekend:
What brainiac in the marketing department thought "yes, this is an excellent catch phrase for our cat food!"?!?!?


HeatherJ said...

Ok, I'm sorry but can I use this for my blog tomorrow? Please. I will give you the credit. It's just too funny.

My first year in Sweden, my mom stole a Pussi cat food poster from the subway because she thought it was so funny. It's hanging in her bathroom now.

Måns said...

I think they are trying hard to be funny. This is too good to be an accident, plus why would the text be in english anyway?

Just like a campaign in all the papers here a few years ago for a company called locum. The ad was basically just the logo with the "o" replaced with a heart. Of course since the "L" in their name looks like an "I" you get funny stuff. Unintentional? I don't think so...


The Öbergs said...

Måns, I totally agree!! I thought the same thing especially since 2 of the other "flavors" were "jele'" and "i sås" (jelly and in sause for the non-swedes). However, the other flavor was "roasted" - LOL!!

Heather, your blog will become a cult phenomen if this original marketing keeps up!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

This is great! I wish they had stuff like here in America. I think there are too many people here with no sense of humor!! I love it.