Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sneak Peeks

So when we were in Dallas, I had professional pictures (www.angiekosaphotography.com) taken of Leah. This morning, I received a few of them as a teaser of what is to come - so proud of my little girl for busting out some serious smiles and even more grateful that my sister was with me as SHE is the reason Leah is cracking up in these shots. Thanks Mandy!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter weekend everyone! We have spent the last few days at the summer home - yes, it is that season again and I am very excited to spend some more time outdoors without all the extra clothing. It was so nice to get a taste of it (albeit a bit warm) in Dallas and coming home to the perfect spring weather was wonderful. We spent most of Saturday cleaning up the fruit bushes and shrubs around the barn - rhubarb, gooseberries, raspberries and dark wine berries grow naturally in the yard but had been overtaken by weedes and tall grass over the years. For the last few summers I have observed where these things were growing and how I would tackle the mess in order to get to the raspberries and rhubarb specifically - without having to wear high boots to fend of the grass snakes and ticks :-) Mission accomplished and I look forward to parading my loot in the coming months.

Easter is typically celebrated on the day before, like Christmas, but this is not how my family celebrates this holiday. You also tend to have the exact same meal - perhaps with more vegetables that during December - as Christmas so nothing too exciting to report. The weather, however, was amazing and in true Myers family tradition, I hid little easter eggs for Leah via Pappa (Anders) to find. She did very well and found all of them without any trouble - Anders, on the other hand, had some difficulty with the last one but luckily Leah pointed it out to him. Here are some pictures from day (quiet down, peanut gallery - I know you are seeing pigs fly right now as I am posting picture from the SAME DAY :-)

Leah in her Easter Ballerina outfit

Pappa helping Leah with her egg hunting

Another egg

Leah carrying her 'basket' (yes, it is a crayfish bucket, he he) and pointing out where the last egg is.

Anders is off tomorrow as well so we are looking forward to relaxing at the apartment and enjoying the warm, sunny weather.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back to Normal

Wow - what a crazy couple of months. A whirlwind of visits and trips - my sister, my mom, my dad and then the surprise visit to Dallas. All the while, Leah has been growing, changing and becoming more and more a personality.

My parents visit to Sweden was great! Mom treated me like a celebrity - fresh coffee in the morning and changing dirty diapers all the time. Today marks the first day I am on my own again - bittersweet to say the least. Naturally, having your mommy with you 24/7 is not normal and, while I enjoy my time alone, having someone around me constantly has been the norm for so long that it feels a bit lonely today. Leah and I are adjusting to the time change again. Coming home is always harder than going to Dallas and yesterday we were both exhausted. Luckily Leah was a ROCKSTAR on the flights home and strangers took pity on this single mother/sherpa traveling alone :-) Next week begins sleep bootcamp however I have to admit that just letting her fuss for longer than 30 seconds seems to be working already. It is amazing how long a minute feels when your baby is fussing.

Unfortunately, I did not whip out my camera very often in my visit home but when I did I managed to catch some pretty cute pics.
HA!!! Seriously funny picture.

Leah with her great grandma, Granny

Dru, my niece and some of her favorite things - a wet wipe and yogurt :-) Adorable

Need to gear up for my first walk with the dogs AND Leah. As you know they stopped going to daycare last week since it is an unneeded expense - girlfriend here is going to get some exercise!