Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Funny Video

So it may not be as funny as Will Ferrell, but it's close:

Today I have spent my time packing...again...ugh! Luckily it is not NEARY as bad as the first round in September but it is a bit lonelier since this time I am doing it solo. No mommy for support, encouragement - ahhhh, pooooooorrrrr meeeee! Thank GAWD I had the foresight not to unpack all 42 boxes and I am so happy I now just have to repack what little I did unpack (what the hell was that sentence - say it aloud). But it still seems like a lot as we have, naturally, aquired more 'stuff' since our move.

The apartment is absolutely gorgeous - we got to see it again this past Sunday. I can't wait to move in and cook my first meal with my OWN pots & pans!!! And sit on our new couch - we haven't owned a new couch since Boston, Summer 2000 - he, he, he!

Anyway, the big camera is acting like it feels better so I uploaded some videos from that camera too. More to follow - albeit old, but funny!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Landlord

If you haven't seen this yet, you must - it is hilarious!
Click on the picture below:

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Reagan's Birthday and Other Pictures

So this past Friday was Reagan's birthday. She turned four years old and was spoiled rotten all day long. But, as per the Dog Whisperer, she had to 'work' a little before she could play. As I've mentioned before, there is a huge nature reserve behind our current apartment with trails leading everywhere. So we filled Reagan's backpack with food and water and took off into the hills. After walking for a little bit, we decided to have our picnic in the sun. Of course, Reagan enjoys lots of things she shouldn't including people food, so rather than fight with her on who gets who's sandwich, we leashed her up to a nearby tree in the shade. Let's just say she had some words for us while we were eating! After lunch, we proceeded on the trail and found an open area for Reagan to play ball. I had bought her brand new tennis balls the day before and had kept them in their box in her bag all day. Since she hadn't seen them yet, she didn't know they were there. What's so amazing about her (and her obsession with tennis balls) is that as soon as Anders had taken them out of the box and put them in his pockets, she wouldn't take her eye off his jacket the ENTIRE TIME. Anyway, after playing ball for a bit, we proceeded home. Of course, being my mother's daughter, I had to talk to a man about a horse so I decided to walk just a bit into the woods to do so. As I am walking I hear the pine needles rustling around me, but this isn't an animal taking steps rustling. No siree, this is a constant rustling, like something SLITHERING across them. Just at that moment, realizing I could be hearing what I think I am hearing, I look down and see a gray snake slithering away from me. I decided I didn't want that horse and quickly turned around and made my way back to Anders and Reagan. I thought that would be the end of my Swedish snake tail, er tale, but of course it couldn't be. Just about 5 minutes later we all three came across another snake - sunning himself and waiting for Mrs. Right to come along. Ugg - no one seems to know if these gray snakes are poisonous or not but I have a feeling they are most likely related to the grass snake family as they were quite smooth with no additional markings.

After our very eventful afternoon, we spent the evening in making pizza and watching Casino Royale. Reagan was exhausted, finally!! Sunday was just as gorgeous and warm and we enjoyed our first (and last) brunch on the patio. Unfortunately, our new apartment does not have a patio and from the sounds of my whining on Sunday, you would have thought I was NEVER going to be outside again. Did someone say I was a little dramatic?! HA!

Here are a few videos I took during the day. The first one is of Reagan trying to get our attention while we ate and the second is of her playing tennis ball with Anders. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Anders and I saw this in the grocery store over the weekend:
What brainiac in the marketing department thought "yes, this is an excellent catch phrase for our cat food!"?!?!?