Friday, March 16, 2007

Pringles and Swedish

Have you seen these in your grocery store? I just discovered these yesterday when I went to mine. They are GOURMET pringles. Isn't that an oxymoron? Anywho, they are pretty good. They have 4 flavors, but my store only carried the sea salt/black pepper and sweet Thai chili/lemongrass flavor. I am not much into sweet like potato chips, so I opted for the sea salt/black pepper version. And yes, I did pair it with a nice Merlot just like this ad suggests!! HA! I am dying to try the steak and grilled onion version - man, that's a meal right there. They should make a version with smoke salmon and cream cheese too - I could serve those as appetizers. Delicious!! (Click on the picture if you want to read about them)

I also wanted to let you all know that I no longer need to attend my Swedish classes as I managed to talk to two whole strangers in Swedish yesterday. Albeit, it was ordering a grill hot dog (grilled korv) and telling someone "yes, I live here too" (ja, jag bor har ocksa - please forgive me, my fellow swedes, as I do not have a Swedish keyboard and I am too lazy to figure out the character shortcuts). I was feeling pretty good about myself because for once, when I said something in Swedish, the person on the receiving end UNDERSTOOD me. Huge accomplishment - so yep, that's it. I'm done. (cue, Rocky soundtrack).



Anonymous said...

did someone say cue the rockie music?

Anonymous said...

I mean the "Rocky" music...