Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tuesday Already?!

Good news - I received my resident permit paperwork in the mail yesterday. We had friends up from Gothenberg, who offered to take me to the Migration building to get my person number (the Swedish version of the SS#). We were finally called after waiting over 2 hours, 10 minutes before they closed, and multiple times to the trash can looking for a call number that was better than #154 (we ended up with #108, the last number called for the day!). Once we got up there we were told the computer system and digital camera machine were not working and they would be unable to issue my number. My Irish friend Eilish nearly went through the glass. After a few firm words and some helpless looks, they gave me a pass for Thursday that will allow me to go straight to the window and get my number issued immediately. Once I have this, I can get my actual personbevis (like the actual SS card, but in letter form) which will allow me to apply for Swedish classes, bank accounts, etc.. YEAH!

Tomorrow I am having lunch with some Americans I met via various people, blogs and Amerikanska website. It should be fun and a challenge for me to get there. I told Anders last night that I understand how the train system works, it's just figuring out what the other signs say that is frustrating.

Our computer is working and we are have our internet and landline phone installed this week. I promise to post lots of pictures as soon as it is up.

Anders is having an informative job lunch today and should hear from the other job possibility this week. Keep your fingers crossed that something will move forward this week. We both will meet with the Unemployment office this week so he can start receiving benefits as well as use that office as a job resource too (although we hear it's pretty much crap!).

Till Next Time!


Anonymous said...

Hey you two!
Sorry that I have been AWOL from the blog until now. Sounds like Sweden has been a crazy experience already. "and multiple times to the trash can looking for a call number that was better than #154" LOL You guys are more "crafty" than I gave you credit for :) I'll be stopping by a lot more often now that I finally made it here - been going crazy getting my business plan finished (those things are like writing a thesis or something!) - now off to get that loan. Miss you both already...
Your Bud, Hal (the "quack")

Bettie Howell said...

Dear Monica:

It has finally cooled off here in Dallas - not as cool as you but for us it is wonderful. Papa and I are doing fine - ready for Thanksgiving so we can have some good turkey!! Hope you can find one there also. I am going to be taking a computer class next month. Be ready for me!!!!
Love You - Granny