Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sweden or Bust

The day has arrived! In just 7 short hours we will be taking off for Sweden and in less than 16 hours we will be landing in Stockholm. To say I am nervous, sad, sick and excited all rolled into one is a very accurate description. If it was only me, I don't think I would be 1/2 as anxious, but we have our "children" and I want them to be OK. In hindsight, it may not have been as ideal to have almost 2 weeks of "new" homes in addition to a 15 hour car ride. But I felt this was the right thing to do. Maybe it really isn't them that is having the hard time...maybe it is me - the worry bug (as our friend Jonas calls me now). I know, I know - shocker to my family that I am worrying about our impending trip! HA!

This morning will be spent repacking everything as we have to fit it all into a set number of suitcases. Luckily my bro-n-law and father both offered to fed/ex anything we couldn't fit to us in Sweden - thanks guys!!

So now, I sign off. My next post will be after we arrive in Sweden. Hopefully I will relax a little bit once we are on the plane. At least the car ride to Chicago put me at ease that Kissel and Reagan both are excellent travels - it must be their Momma who needs to be sedated!

Love you all!!!

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