Thursday, October 12, 2006

Legal Alien

Well, we are still getting settled and really trying to get our computer up and running. Right now I am sitting in the middle of Taby Centrum (a Galleria type mall), smelling asian fast food, and guarding the computer screen from shoppers. It's not a very private feeling so I'll keep this post short.

Good news - the Migration Board signed my resident permit paperwork today!! Once we get the letter in the mail, I will be able to sign up for Swedish classes and start looking for a job. Anders is going on another interview next week and also meets with the Government employment group (have no idea what their name is) to discuss unemployment wages while he looks.

Our container is scheduled to arrive around Oct. 24th, we will start working on plans to get our stuff and store it somewhere. Hopefully by then we will have some idea on where we want to live a little more permanently and start looking for a house.

Tomorrow we will be going to the Stockholm Open to watch tennis. Johan, my bro-n-law, was able to get tickets for us so we are really excited. I also did my first load of laundry the other day (don't laugh - it's in celsius so you don't have the usually cold/warm/hot choices) so I am starting to feel a little more like I live here and not on vacation.

Sorry for such a brief post - lots of love to everyone!


Mom and Dad said...

Hello from Albuquerque -
We are having a great time at Fiesta. Got some great pictures of the "red horse" for you. Will talk to you when we get back.
Love to both-
Mom and Dad

The Öbergs said...

Red horse??? Now I am curious! Love you too!!!

The Bedford's said...

Hey guys! Greetings from Orlando! We love the blogspot... what a great idea!! we really enjoyed getting some indepth details of moving overseas...especially with animals..yikes.. I'm sure that will be us someday!! Anyway best of luck the next few weeks and we will keep checking back to your blog!!
Lots of Love,
Amy and Mark

The Öbergs said...

Hey Mark & Amy. Victor and Eilish were up this weekend and we were talking about your new set up in Florida. Good to hear from you!