Monday, October 09, 2006

Finally, We've Arrived!

Quick Update - we are here! No kidding, right? The last 4 days have been one whirlwind. First, after all my worrying about the animals, we got through customs without even a hiss from Kissel. We arrived to our apartment and after a quick trip to the grocery store and a bite to eat we crashed. My cell phone died pretty much right after we arrived. It had given me trouble on the way from Dallas to Chicago, but the TMobile people were able to fix it. This time, not so lucky. Apparently my 6 year SIM card is DEAD. Poor little thing - I guess it was what couldn't take any more moves! HA!

We've been trying to set things up ever since. Thursday was a complete waste since we lost an entire night's sleep and Friday was mostly spent unpacking and Anders' having his interview. He still doesn't know anything as they will have another group/panel interview/lunch with the office if they like him. Sweden is a bit like Cayman - everything shuts down by mid-afternoon on Saturday. Today will be spent finding the government offices Anders needs to go to register as well as contacting the Migration Board to let them know I am in the country.

Kissel, the cat, is on a hunger strike (he is so damn picky with his food, so I am mixing it with a little tuna). Reagan is getting used to the apartment (which is actually quite roomy) and LOVES the fact we have to walk everytime she has to go to the bathroom. I try and take her on at least one 30 minute walk a day. Taby is absolutely gorgeous and the back of our apartment backs ups to forest and the front overlooks a common area field with trees. There are soooooo many walking paths, trails, etc. and all the leaves are turning. It's already a bit cold (for this Texas girl) and I use my suede Timberlands every day (thanks Mom & Dad). Once we get out computer set up, I'll be able to upload pictures. Right now we are in the library using the internet here.

Thanks for everyone checking in and now that we know the library hours, we will post more frequently.

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Mom said...

Monica -
I am at Uncle Lymans's office but just wanted to check quickly. Derek and Jen had their baby last night - Oct 10 - 19" long and 7 lbs. 6 oz. Her name is Sophia Grace. Let us hear from you soon.
Love - Mom