Sunday, September 10, 2006

Garage Sale, Baby!

Anyone who has ever hosted a garage sale knows how chaotic they are. Anders went out at 6am to start setting our signs out and by 7am there were two men sitting on our porch waiting for us to start and staring through our glass windows to sneak a peek - CREEPY!!! But, it ended up being a very successful day and we sold pretty much everything. Now we have enough money for our shipping deposit as well as buying Reagan her airplane crate and a new running skirt for me (shhhh, don't tell the Anders!).

Here are some pics from yesterday:
Dad, mom, me and Kristi enjoying some Whataburger during our lunch break. For once it wasn't in the 100s so we were able to enjoy (somewhat) the outdoors. Not pictured is Chris and Anders - without my parents or Chris & Krisit's help, we would have been more stressed out and exhausted. With so many big pieces of furniture being sold, all this manpower was REALLY appreciated - thanks everyone!!
Our dining room looking so sad. I am definitely getting pre-move jitters - but everytime I think "this CAN'T be done", I think of all the wonderful ex-pats living in Sweden (who I've "met" via various blogs, etc) now who took this huge step before me. Once I think of them, the nerves calm down and I KNOW it CAN be done.

Kissel and his damn chair. When I bought this chair 10 years ago and it was deliverd to my house, Kissel immedietaly began sniffing it, inspecting it and the proceeded to claim it as his own. He LOVES this chair and it is one of the reasons I can't part with it!Me and Kissel (in my lap) watching TV. We have no furniture to sit on, so the outdoor lounging chairs a friend loaned us are our last chairs. It's these or wooden folding chairs. Don't I look comfortable?!

And finally, a picture that has nothing to do with yesterday, but is so damn funny I just had to post it...

Where's my dinner, b-a-itch?!?!


Anonymous said...

such mixed emotions here:

;(... (you are leaving) &

:) (happy travels!)

I am excited for you! Good luck and thanks for the blogspot. It's a very nice present to us all.

The Öbergs said...

Awww, thanks Jason, Jess, Mel & Nina! We'll miss you too - but probably see you just as often.

Love you all!