Monday, November 08, 2010

Baby on the Brain

Oy, oy, oy - I can't believe that I am 33 weeks now. This pregnancy has gone by so fast and as my mother will tell you, I still have a hard time remembering that I am pregnant. It has been such a wonderful experience thus far and I am looking forward to meeting our baby girl. We have been busy renovating our apartment - a long overdue project that only could be realized with a second income and the impending arrival of a newborn.

Back in April, May we decided we wanted to renovate our kitchen. Pretty much everything in our apartment is original (from the 60s) so you can imagine with a child on the way that a new kitchen would be a nice addition as well. Besides, I couldn't even remotely convince my sister or my mom to come over during the winter without the lure of a freshly remodeled kitchen including a new dishwasher. Well, one thing led to another and we ended up adding a few more projects. Mostly cosmetic touch ups here and there, but anyone who has done renovation knows that the devil really is in the details. We are in the home stretch, sort of, and have finally made it to the baby's room. My dad is the constant reminder that this child will show up no matter if we are ready or not, so luckily this is the last piece and does not involve too much...we hope. Anders has been a total rock star with his Dad and friend, Johan, as his faithfull roadies. He has pretty much done the entire project on his own. I have been so impressed with his deligence and seemingly tireless energy. Everyday I get more and more tired and he plugs along - even replacing pipes on our sinks in the bathrooms so they are more aesthetically pleasing. God love him! We will post pictures soon - because our apartment is so...uh cozy...we have to move boxes and things around when we work on other rooms. But soon, I promise! And definitely BEFORE the baby arrives...we hope. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Am loving that you are back on your blog since I don't do facebook. Yes the new kitchen was a factor but I really think the grandchild played a greater role in my coming in the dead of winter!!!!!! Need to increase winter wardrobe since Texas isn't that cold.

Love - Mom