Saturday, October 23, 2010

Guess who's back?

I know I must write this very often but in judging from my last post, it really does ring true.

Yes, I am back from a very long hiatus. Lots of things have happened since May 2009. My sister had another baby, Clinton is now a dog, Kissel passed away, I started working, we started renovating and I am FINALLY pregnant. Yep, life is one big roller coaster huh? In the build up to the arrival of our first child (late December) and my maternity leave (did I mention you can take up to 18 months?) I thought I would start posting here again. Mostly for my family to keep updated as not so many are really into Facebook. Quite honestly, I am not that into Facebook especially when it comes to posting pictures about me and my family.

So here goes - a return to the good old blog. It is so mid-2000 but I love it. :-)

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