Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Lucia!

Happy Lucia everyone. Click back to this time 4 years ago and I was busy making lussekattor - or saffron cats, buns. Today, not so much as today marks the beginning of my very generous maternity leave from the great country of Sweden. 13 months to be exact - so strange to be away for that long. When we moved from Dallas to Sweden, I had no immediate plans but to take life as it came. Now, I have a small term and long term goal. Small term - birth a wonderful, highly anticipated, much loved already baby girl. Long term - raise a wonderful, highly anticipated, much loved already baby girl. Longer term - go back to work....ha!

That being said, I think baby girl will arrive prior to her due date of December 27th. All signs point to me actually having a child, so I think I should accept the reality of it all. Anders took the picture over the weekend - big belly girl, all hanging low. Swelling has made it's arrival too - so my poor little ankles no longer exist and my face looks like I had one too many margaritas from the night before. But it is all good - and makes for a nice reason to prop my feet up on the couch and chillax.

The holidays will be spent at our apartment. We have been so busy with the renovation and it still continues - the devil is in the details, no? But we make progress...everyday.... My goal today, after watering the plants and making date nut bread, is to empty two boxes - or at least sort through them. Tedious, boring and quite honestly feels like I could trash the entire pile - but needs to be done.

Not much else on the home front - I find it interesting that being pregnant at the end of your term is about the same as waiting to find out if you are pregnant. Just a big, old waiting game - but one that I am so happy and honored to have been a part of.

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