Saturday, August 05, 2006


Welcome to our blog. We created this blog so all of our families could keep up with us and our daily lives. We hope to post here as often as possible and give you up to date information about our move and new lives in Sweden.

We really want to hear from everyone, so please feel free to leave comments!!!

Love to you all,
Monica & Anders


Derek said...

Wow, well congradulations. While the states will be less of a place with out the two of you, I am excited for you. Jenn and I are looking forward to seeing both of you soon. And we look foward to a time when we can come visit you and see just how beautiful Sweden is in person.
See ya soon,

The Öbergs said...

Absolutey - you THREE are always welcome! See you soon.

Louise and Tom said...

Fantastic--now we have a new destination to add to our trip list. Have you set a move date yet? I know we have not seen each other in awhile but I will miss knowing you are just a few states away. I will check in regularly to see how things are progressing for you.

The Öbergs said...

Louise & Tom - our move date is 10/4 if everything goes as planned. Keep your fingers crossed and YES, visit us soon!