Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Bad

I have heard from so many friends and family about our blog and I am so happy you are checking it out. I realized in my mass email to let you know we were leaving, I left out some details. Oops!

We are scheduled to leave for Sweden on October 4th. We'll drive up to Chicago with the pets that Sunday and spend a few days with Sarah & Jonas. We could technically fly from Dallas, but I didn't want to put the pets through an airline transfer in Chicago. This way we just put them on and collect them once we arrive. The pets are pretty much ready to go. We just have two more things to do before we leave, but it has to be completed in September.

As for the living situation - we have an apartment where we can stay but we are looking for one a little bigger. We will be living in Stockholm which is about 1 hour north of where Anders' grew up. If you haven't been, you should go. I know everyone says summer is the best time (which, in some cases it is) but I think winter is just as beautiful. According to Anders, Stockholm's weather is like Boston's which is muy bueno.

Speaking of muy bueno, I received an email reply from one of the many resumes I sent. This was from a school inquirying if I was bilingual and could teach spanish to children. I was too excited!! It felt good to know I am a viable candidate in the Swedish labor pool too.

Anders has also sent his resume out to a ton of people (friends included) and posted on the Swedish job board. He has a few possibilities in the pocket, but he really wants to find something similar to what he does now (title examiner).

Have a great rest of the week - I'll keep you updated as we progress!!!


Anonymous said...

Monica and Anders!
Wow, what a great move and new journey you are taking. Now I have a new place to visit, if I ever get the nerve to leave the country!
Give Kissel a big hug & kick, oops, I mean kiss, for me! :)
Keep in touch...Happy Travels!
Oh, and your secret about the new running skirt is safe with me! :)
Debbie Fam

Ingvar Öberg said...

Skönt att höra att resan gick bra. Såg på bilderna från huset att ni haft lite att stå i !!! Bra jobbat! Ses torsd morgon Pappa