Monday, August 07, 2006

The House

I wish we could have had more of my family visit our house while we lived here, because it is a lot of fun. We have a swimming pool in the backyard plus enough grass for Reagan, our dog, to play on. Her favorite game involves her tennis ball (and no one else, mind you). She'll sit on the edge of the pool for hours flicking the ball into the pool then watching it float around before either diving in or patiently waiting on the side to grab it. I swear, if it weren't for the extreme heat or meal time, she would probably sit out there all day doing this over, and over, and over again. She's going to miss this pool more than we do, most likely.

Kissel, my cat (because Anders would never claim to own him), doesn't really go out much. He's so funny - he runs to the door like he wants to escape but given the chance he goes out for a few moments then runs back inside. When it was cooler this year (does anyone remember cooler weather?!), he would stay outside a little longer and even hung out with me on the glider. But his all time favorite spot is on the steps by our door sunning himself. You can tell from the picture he is in the corner so Reagan can't bother him.

Unfortunately, this weekend was a little slow with showings. We only had one scheduled which ended up being a no-show. That is the absolute worst - sitting around, not messing anything up, waiting for the realtor so you can run out the back. We did this for 2 hours - grrrrr. Oh well - it's part of the home selling process, right? At least the "kids" agreed to help Anders and I with the packing...

"Find your own box, goldie..."


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