Thursday, January 27, 2011

One week and counting...

One week from today my sister arrives and we are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! Aunt Mandy is making the trip, sans children, and this is because Chase, my family and Chase's family are relatives disguised as angels. OK, maybe that is stretching (especially when it comes to Chase) but I couldn't be more grateful or appreciative for their help while Mandy is here. THANK YOU!

Leah, meanwhile, is gearing up for her Aunt to arrive. She has been working out and packing on more weight - up to 4600g/10lbs!!! My baby loves her some breastmilk. :-) She has also started taking the bottle once a night. We decided to introduce it so 1) Anders could help me with that horrible first feeding and 2) I could have the possibility of going out for dinner or something (which I did last night). She took it like a champ and I am thrilled. She is also starting to make some decisions on her daily schedule. Just like everyone says (yet is a bit hard to believe at the beginning), slowly but surely there is a pattern starting to form. She is getting better about taking her naps in her crib and continues to sleep well in the crib at night. As cozy as it is to have her sleeping next to me (which we sometimes do after the first early morning feeding for a quick cat nap), I am happy we didn't really get into this habit and she is peaceful in her bed. Besides, our bed is too small and Anders sleeps like he is in a cage fight so it really wasn't a possibility anyway.

This weekend Leah, Reagan and I are off to Nyköping. Project renovation has ramped back up and Anders will be tackling the other bathroom as well as the floor and ceiling molding. Needless to say, the bathroom is going to involve heavy duty chemicals, dust and painting so a decision was made for the girls to leave. Clinton gets to stay behind with his daddy because, well he was uninvited. Poor boy - he is still very much puppy sometimes (only turns 2 in February) and last weekend he lost his mind and was way too hyper. He needs some proper training and attention which I do plan on giving him soon, because no one wants to be around a dog that gets THAT excited. We did it with Reagan so I know Clinton will be fine - he alreadys is a better dog in so many ways but going to doggy daycare, while it is a blessing for exercise, doesn't help him with leash skills or social skills. Awww, the life of a dog owner - que sera, sera.

Now, on to why you are really here -pictures of Leah.
In the car this past weekend on the way to Nyköping
4 week picture - she was very opposed to being photographed in this incredibly girly outfit (purple bows, lace cuffs). Can't say I blame her.

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