Tuesday, January 18, 2011

3 Weeks Old

It is hard to believe that only 3 short weeks ago (and 3 long 'feeding' weeks ago) Leah Caroline arrived! Her conception and birth has been a long, long awaited process and to say we are happy and in love are mere expressions of a stronger emotion. We honestly felt that a biological child of our own was impossible so she is a very much wanted and loved child. We couldn't be happier and want to thank everyone for all their warm wishes.

Since she is only 3 weeks today. a 'routine' has not quite been established. I will say, however, she is definitely on a feeding schedule which is evident in these pictures as well as the scale - girlfriend gained 1lb in 1 week. We go back on Wednesday so it will be interesting to see if she is keeping pace. She is every bit the nightowl like her father, but settles into (2) 4 hour sleeps just past midnight. I have to say that first feeding around midnight/1am is the toughest - I am so confused everytime about what is going on and it takes me a few seconds to get it together, get her out of her crib and into bed. But we are getting there - all of us. Reagan and Clinton continue to be happy and curious big siblings who run around the apartment looking for her when they get home from doggy daycare. They will continue to go to doggy daycare until at least April/May. The weather is just too nasty right now for me to take care of all three of them and they enjoy daycare anyway.

Here are some pics I took within the last week - it is so fun to see her growing and growing, of course at this point it seems to be about filling out her cheeks and not in length. :-)

2 weeks

3 weeks

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