Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Caden!

My adorable nephew turns one year old today!! I miss him so much, but luckily I have some pretty darn cute photos and videos to remember my last trip.

He really liked Uncle Suga's new house shoes!!

So, Caden received this Radio Flyer car for Christmas. Uncle Suga took him on a ride around the neighborhood. The story goes that he was talking and pointing to all sorts of things the entire trip, but as Anders was rounding the last corner to go home he suddenly heard the "horn" honking. He looked down to see Caden with his head on the steering wheel, completely passed out. Anders had to wake him up for the last leg of the trip!!! :-)

Happy Birthday Caden. We love you very, VERY much and wish you a wonderful birthday!!
~Aunt Mo and Uncle Suga


HeatherJ said...

He's so cute!! That's really funny about Caden falling asleep in the car.

Candis said...

Caden is just a growing and getting so big. I hope all of you are doing well. We miss you.