Friday, October 03, 2008

The Evans Visit Sweden

So Mandy, Caden and Chase came to Sweden to visit us the past couple of weeks and we had an absolute blast. I went to bed every night completely exhausted but so excited to wake up the next day and see my smiling nephew's face. He is so much fun, very expressive and a generally a good natured baby. We went on long walks with Reagan, went into town for lunch and chocolate with my American friends and relaxed a lot at our apartment. Lucky for me, my sister and I share the same idea about vacation - sitting around, drinking coffee in the morning and planning what we will cook for the day. I was so sad to see them leave but it was eased a bit with our plans to go to Dallas for Christmas and the knowledge that they WILL return next year. Caden was a "rock star" on all the plane rides - which was a huge relief to me and Mandy. We tried to take lots of pictures, but when you're just sitting around, drinking coffee - well, you're not too inspired. We did manage to capture this fantastic picture:
Quite possibly the funniest picture...ever! So glad to see Caden is just as happy about the Veuve as I was!!! :-)

Have a great weekend!

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HeatherJ said...

It was wonderful meeting your sister and Caden. I'm so happy to hear that the flight home went well too! Great picture. :)