Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Sweet Girl

So I recently discovered Windows Movie Maker on my new computer and while it is in Swedish, I've managed to fumble around in it enough to put together a couple of different things. I'm going to really work on this and perfect it, but for now you'll have to enjoy my really sappy video to my girl Reagan. Enjoy!!!

Tell me what you think - too many effects?


Jason said...

too many effects? Too MANY effects??? From one video editor to another I must say that I have never seen a video with so few effects - but otherwise a very touching video. Hope you and Anders are settling in and finally unpacking those boxes in the corner.

Goosey Lucy said...

Awww! Sweet! I love the effect you put in on the pic with the ball in the water!

My favorite Kleenex eater is alright though isn't she??