Saturday, November 03, 2007

Me and My Shadow

Well, as expected I woke up today to a light dusting of snow. Unfortunately, it wasn't at all like last year's first snow - a little more mushy and not too much. But, because Reagan and I were up early we were able to make some of the first footsteps in the snow. I think this should satisfy my urge to walk in fresh cross country tracks later - ha!
At least now I know winter is coming - I do love it even if less than two weeks ago I was walking around in my shorts and flip flops. Plus, I get a little break as I will be in Dallas for Thanksgiving and my...gulp...36th birthday. I'm sure it'll either be 1) nice & sunny or 2) icy. Either way, I'm prepared.

Have a great weekend!


Erika said...

I love that picture!

Waking up to snow that you were not expecting, is not a very nice way to start the day. I thought this was going to be the one year that it would be warm when we go to the cemetaries (All Saints' Day tradition) tonight. Guess I was wrong!

I'm glad that you guys could come to my bday party last weekend. You have such a busy jet-setting life, I have no idea when we'll be getting together again. Maybe we can pencil in sometime in February? How's May looking for you? ;)

Leslie said...

When will you be in Dallas exactly? Any chance an adoring fan from the NE can come to the big D to see you?

StarChild said...

You must have been up earlier than we were on Saturday. When I woke up and walked into the kitchen all bleary-eyed and looked outside my window I nearly choked! But then I quickly got over it since it was almost all melted away.

And now it's just all rainy! I would much rather it just get cold and snow for real already. I'm tired of carrying around my umbrella! :)

Heather said...

The weather has been pretty nice here in southeast Texas this week. I'm sure it will be a huge shock for us when we get back to Sweden in December and go from light and warm to freezing and dark. But I always look forward to the snow. It would just be nice if it could be warm again in January.