Monday, June 18, 2007

And now, for some pictures

YEAH - YIPEE!!!! Anders fixed our computer motor and we now are fully operational on our PC and internet. And just in time - we start our 2 week vacation on Friday and will be traveling around the Swedish country side with limited access to internet. HA. Poetic justice, I believe. Anyway, I've uploaded some pictures we took over the past few months and will post more soon. This Friday is Midsummer's Eve and is a HUGE tradition in Sweden. I would say this day is even bigger than Christmas or any other holiday. Think 4th of July but on a much longer, drunker scale. Did that make sense? It is the longest day of the year here with the sun "setting" around 10pm and "rising" around 3am. I quote those two terms as the sun really just dips below the horizon so it is basically just dusk for 5 or less hours. But I have to tell you a secret - the last weather report I looked at predicted rain showers on Friday. Could be a catastrophe here in Sweden - so much so it will probably headline the nightly news. I guess that's better than Paris Hilton (who, by the way, gets ZERO news time here - thank gawd!). Enough gibberish, on to the pictures:

The walk along the water not more than 3 minutes from our apartment - so nice!!!
Recognize this dork? Loving her tennis ball at Daniel's (Anders best friend since he was very little!) summer home in the Archipelago.Sunset on Horse Pink (Daniel's summer home in the Archipelago)

Notice Reagan is without leash in the last two pictures? For those of you who fell asleep in Geography or never took it (like me!), an Archipelago is a large group of small islands. Daniel's family owns one of the many islands off the coast of Sweden so it is an ideal place for Reagan to wander around off leash. Unless she gets a whiff of the sheep that are grazing there or worse yet, runs off chasing a goose and literally retrieves a baby goose for you (in exchange for another tennis mind you). If you've ever seen pictures of golden retrievers with a goose hanging from their mouths then you know exactly what we saw! Let's just say when I screamed"DROP IT!", the entire east coast of Sweden heard me!! HA!

Well, off to have coffee with a friend from my Swedish classes - later!


Heather said...

The sunset picture is beautiful! They OWN an island? That's nice. :)

I've lived here 7 years now and it's only been sunny 2 times for Midsommar. It rained all the other times.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Did the baby goose survive?

Kirtus and Dana said...

Congrats on your new apartment. And the pictures are just fabulous. Did the goose live? Too cute!

The Öbergs said...

We think the goose survived. When Anders went to see exactly what it was, it was moving. Probably in a state of shock more than anything. Can you imagine being woken up by a big, furry, brown dog?!?! HA!

Jason said...

Wow. awesome sunset. Does it last extra long? We get a few fleeting moments here in Connecticut. Sounds like you guys are doing very well. I have to give thanks to your dad and mum - they took in a poor beggar for the night when I was recently trapped in Dallas.
All our love, the Connecticrew -
Jason, Jess, Mel & Nina

Dan said...

What a beautiful picture of Reagan in the sunset!

Miss you guys!

Dan and Angele and Molly

Heather said...

quick question, i linked to you thru my friend Dana's blog. I was wondering how you center your captions under your pic's? please email me at with specific's if you don't mind. Thanks Heather